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high quality paint, good easel, very high value.

Combination of high quality paint and good easel provide very high value.

Ideal Easel

This easel is versatile and great value. It takes up less floor space than my tripod easel and my art is more secure when I’m working on a piece. The fact that it can hold two projects is ideal. This feature is great for me as I use the top part to hold my reference photo when I’m painting using the lower part. I find the vertical position feature handy when I’m varnishing a completed piece. I like the mobility as I can manoeuvre it in my studio easily.

Sturdy and strong. Can sir or stand comfortably at easle.

The easle is great in every way once put together. It is well made and looks durable. I can sit or stand while working. I can work at 90° or at an angle. I love it, and will recommend to art group.However, the assembly instructions are not clear. My handy husband could figure it out. He only gave assembly instructions a 3 out of 5.


Good product at an affordable price

I love these the colors....easy to paint with

Good eisel for the price

Not too hard to put together. Sturdy and functional. Nice looking.

Excellent quality, great price. Cradles substantial enough to brace panels
Very timely service

MEEDEN 12-3/5-Inch Large Studio Artist Porcelain Watercolor Paint Palette?

Absolutely love it! This palette keeps my colours organized and simplifies my painting tools - great purchase. I also purchased an extra large porcelain palette for my acrylic and oils. These palettes clean up so easily. Would love to see an Extra Large palette like this 24 x 24 - would be great!

Lovely smooth finish on these..I love these

So handy to use in my studio. I even labeled the lids with names & color swatches. They were a little speedy, but really good quality & shipped well. The

Much needed for art papers

I can now store my large art tablets as well as individual large sheets of art papers without wrinkling or causing creases

Very pretty brushes

Aside from being great brushes, these are the prettiest brushes in my collection. The brushes are the quality you'd expect from MEEDEN. The bristles are good quality and clean up nicely. They seem like they'll hold up very well. The size assortment is great and would make a nice gift set for beginning painter.

Good consistance

It's a good one, thick, dries out very nicely

This is a great desk palette

It has lots of room for colours and mixing space, I like that it is arranged in a circle and paints can be organized per the colour wheel with shapes on the wells corresponding to primary, secondary colours etc... It sits nicely on my desk with the rubber feet I added to keep it from slipping. It is a bit heavy so it is not good for travelling or taking to classes etc. but I prefer ceramic to plastic for mixing so I like it when I'm painting at home.

Lots of colors, good quality, smooth and rich, vibrant

This pack of oil paints is great. There are lots of colors and the paint is thick and rich and vibrant. This is a great set of paints with which to begin oil painting. The paint is smooth and feels like high quality.

Beautiful short handled water color brushes

These are nice brushes that have a lot of print to them and good harder edges for fine work. They hold a decent amount of water, but not like a natural sable. They are very pretty to look at too, and have a good happy summer vibe. The short handles are nice and comfortable in the hand. I recommend these for a good natural hair alternative.

Nice set

This is a great set at a nice price point. I got these for my son so he wouldn't use up my higher priced paints and was very happy with the price and quality.

Very nice paint brush set

The bristles are a little hard but soften quickly. These are very soft brushes. They came as pictured and all 10 brushes were in tact. You can keep the box for storing them. I haven't used them as of yet but they seem like they will do well. Price is fair.

They are a piece of art!

The beautiful brushes a packaged well, and they just look like artwork themselves! Meeden offers so many different art tools, that I'm confident these will last a long time. They are carefully made, and thoughtfully packaged. I just rinsed them, and they were ready for use. They hold their shape, and seem to hold water very well. They are inspiring!

Great easel!

Exactly what I was looking for! Very sturdy! Happy with my purchase and would recommend this easel!!

Sturdy and attractive

Very attractive and well made. Less than half the cost of a similar product at my local Hobby Lobby. Putting it together was a little challenging but not bad. Don’t let cats help you and you’ll be fine.

Great painting art cart

After looking at a number of carts, I decided to purchase this one and I am very happy with it. Many of the other options were too small and rather tacky looking. Granted this one cost more, but it fits my storage needs well and I expect to get great use of it for a number of years. It was also very easy and quick to assemble—a one person job.

Gorgeous brushes! Work well

These watercolor brushes are so pretty. They work well and hold water and paint well. I love that this set comes with so many brush styles.