What's the difference between Meeden easel and other easels

it is important for an artist to create art with the best easel since it will help you to grow to be a better artist. You are going to work faster and put paint to canvas more creatively by allowing you to position the canvas in better ambient light and best angle for body.

Just for short, the art easel is the most important art supplies you must pay attention.So many brand are on the market,which one will be the best choice?First of all you neede to be careful to consider your decision.If you need to pack away your equipment at the end of each session, you'll need a foldup or lightweight portable easel – also useful if you want to work en plein air

Conversely if you have your own studio space, you might be better with something more bulky and stable. There's also the kids to think of, so if you're planning to start them painting young, we have some suggestions there too.

Below, you'll find the best art easel for a range of uses and budgets. Meanwhile, for more art kit, see our posts on the best brushes and the best sketchbooks.  Plus, if you're new to painting, don't miss our guide to canvas painting for beginners as well as our explanation of all the art terms you need to know. 

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